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Laverdarob 26 Aug 2011 23:40

1200 GSA For sale in America or Mexico
Australian registered BMW1200 GSA for sale in America or will be shipped home. to Oz.
88,000 Km fully serviced runs purrfectly. She will be fully serviced and ready to ride.
Contact me via this site for full info.

Mikel.Gurbindo 3 Sep 2011 10:09

Maybe Im interested; I was planning to ship my Vstrom to Argentina, but its so expensive.
Please, tell me about the papers needed, pictures of the bike, price, and so on..


Laverdarob 11 Sep 2011 02:23

Hi Mikel
I have just returned to Australia for a couple of weeks to complete some work commitments. I will return to Texas as that is where the bike is at the moment.
It is a 2006 BMW 1200 GSA. It has never been crashed but i must admit i have dropped it a couple of times. I am only 1.7Mtrs and as you know the bike is BIG. To big for me really but i wouldn't have another bike for the type of travel.
It has been regularly serviced at about 15,000 K and i have done oil changes in between each of those.
After now 90,000 Km the only faults have been
Front shock absorber - replaced with Wilburs unit 5 months ago absolutely great now.
The micro swoitch for the break got a bit iffy and i had it replaced too again now no problem.
And only a week ago the fuel sensor (A factory recall warranty item) failed after 90,000 Km. It too has been replaced.
I have no doubt that she would give no problems what so ever to a new owner.
I have stuck mainly to 100 - 110 KPH during her entire life.
As i say i am in Oz at the moment and i will send some pictures in the next couple of days.
I am not sure what she is worth in the US but something around $14,000 here at home but it will cost me about $1000 to get her home. So i suppose i'll look around the $10K mark to try to make it attractive
As i say i have no idesa of the worth of such in the US but i'll do some research.
As far as papers i have maintained it's Australian Reg and i wouold look to transfer such to the new owner.
Ok as i say i'll get some pictures to you as soon as i get home. Can you send me your email address
Rob Oates

Mikel.Gurbindo 11 Sep 2011 11:08

>thanks Rob, but its too far away from me; in space and in money! =)
good luck!!


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