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llanelli 23 Dec 2007 11:42

Will I get bikes into Thailand without carnet
Left it very late to get carnet and paperwork done as we leave jan18th shipping bikes to Thailand. One of the bikes is Oz plated, rego is out.(it is too cold over here for my girlfriend). Can I get carnet for her bike over here. Will I need to register it first? I have the paperwork necessary apart from insurance.
anyway, back to my question. when we rode into Thailand in 2005 from Malaysia, nobody even asked for the carnet, we had to find someone to stamp them after we had been through immigration and found ourselves on the road. Would it be the same at the port or would they know more? We dont intend coming back to UK so I assume we would lose our £350 deposit on each bike? Options please, taking into account short time frame.

Simon Kennedy 23 Dec 2007 14:47

Thailand doesn't officially use the carnet system (although some customs officials will stamp it if you insist). They issue a piece of paper instead - hold onto it in order to show on exit. There is a probably a small fee for this; nothing much. I can't remember.

There is a fair amount of talk on this matter here - have a search. Also, get in touch with bikers in Thailand. There are a few clubs. Again, have a look around here.


trekkingbee 25 Dec 2007 11:30

Yes. We're in Thailand. Customs at the airport did not use our carnet.

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