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Joseph 25 Jun 2001 20:04

What Documentation is Needed
Hi All

Perhaps some one can help mewith some info.

I am from the UK but in Oz having just bought a bike for some overland adventures.

Towards the end of this year Sep/Oct I ope to be a ble to ship the bike to NZ to continue the trip then returning with bike to Oz after 2 months.

I will be pending further time in Oz then want to ship bike to Indonesia and travel overland to Thailand and possibly beyond.

What documentation eill I need to gather for any part of the journey?

Can anybody recommend a shipping agent or solution to transporting bike to NZ return. then on to Indonesia idealy Bali.

Thanks and Have Fun

Susan Johnson 26 Jun 2001 03:25

Hi Joe

For your overland through Asia you will need a carnet de passage. See the Paperwork page for a description of the process, which also includes the NZ details on importing bikes temporarily.

For shipping from Australia to New Zealand, see the Shipping page for sea and air options:

For shipping from Australia to Asia, travellers have recommended Perkins Trading in Darwin. See below for details on the Shipping page.

Consider whether you have time to spare for a sea shipment vs. air. Even on the Australia to New Zealand leg it will take a lot longer than you'd expect for the bike to get there.

Good luck with your planning.

Susan Johnson
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