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kebabtomten 21 Jul 2009 07:37

Uzbek and Tajik visa In Almaty
Hi I am in Kazahksta hading east and want to do a detour and head in to uzbek the Tajikstan up to kyrgystan instead. I have my Kyrgys visa already

Just wondering if anyone has tried to get Uzbek and Tajik visa In Almaty with succes ?? any advises or help would be appreciated

I have tried o Contact stantours but , have had no answres from them yet.

Donmanolo 22 Jul 2009 19:58

I got my Uzbek visa in Almaty , back in november 2006. No problems at all, apart from the week spent waiting for it (they didn't keep my passport during this time) no LOI required, I just copied the names of some hotels from someone's guidebook into the form.

That was with my Italian passport;for Brits it might be different, I'm quite sure that they ask for a LOI from americans.
Hope this helps.


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