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garthunkle 13 May 2008 19:49

URGENT- Visa's for touring in Europe
Hello all,

My friend who I hope to tour around Europe for a few weeks in June is Russian, and so needs a visa. He went to the French Embassy, who said that without a Flight and Hotel bookings he could not get one.

Please can you give us some advice on how he can get the visa sorted?

Do we need to book the ferry for the bikes now, and show that to them as proof?

What visa does he actually require? We want to travel through France, Italy, Switzerland, Slovenia, Hungary, Czech Republic, Germany, and Belgium.

One other thing, he hasn't passed his DAS yet or bought a bike. Will this hinder his attempts to get a visa?

Are there any ways we can make it really easy for them to say yes? I.e what do we need to say/do?



jeromedelay 13 May 2008 20:06

guess us french have no sense of Humor. if all they want is booking and not proof of payment, dont tell them he is coming by plane.... go to the airfrance web site and make a booking. print out the booking. it will automatically self cancel after 72 hours if no payment is made. voila!

then do the same with any hotel chain.

this will work if he initiates the trip France and travels through the EU. for swiss, i dont know.

if he plans to ride from Russia, then he needs to apply at the consulate of the FIRST EU country he is to cross. the same internet booking scam should work...

just dont say he is driving through, that will confuse them..


garthunkle 13 May 2008 20:41

We're are both based in the UK and have contracts to start at a firm in London in July. The law firm appointed by the company we will be working for has got him a visa to work in the UK. We intend to bike from the UK into France and then travel from there.

garthunkle 14 May 2008 10:27

Hi guys,

Has anyone got any possible solutions? I'm concerned that if we don't get his visa sorted soon, then the trip might be off :(

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