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duffyduck 8 Mar 2007 19:59

unbelievable: where to get the carnet for nepal to austria for an austrian person??
does anybody know where to get the carnet that i need if i buy an enfield in nepal and want to ride it back home to austria?

i already tried:
my native motoring club OEAMTC => got rejected (only for vehicles and persons registered in austria)

german motoring club ADAC => again rejected (no carnets for vehicles bought in foreign countries)

RAC in UK: => (The carnet is available to RAC Members and non-Members normally resident in UK. Non-residents should apply to the motoring club in their country of residence.)

please advice, i´m almost despairing....:stormy:

Frank Warner 12 Mar 2007 01:55

Normally you'd get a carnet from the place where the vehicle is registered. Not where the owner comes from ...

So that would be Nepal. And the club should be listed with the stuff you get with an IDP (and that will come from where you have your riders/drivers licence) .. but I don't have my IDP stuff here ..

Cannot acces the interanltion club page here at the mo = International Touring Alliance -http://www.aitgva.ch/ they should have a link to the club in Nepal .. could be AUTOMOBILE ASSOCIATION OF NEPAL. NEPAL. - Ahh here you go

Post Box Nº 2184

(977 61) 21 088
(977 61) 415 593
(From U.S., dial "011" for all international calls)

possible email ?

kumarkoirala at hotmail.com

all the above info from another site .. could be wrong about the contact details ...

Kudi 12 Mar 2007 12:52

You could try TCS ("swiss RAC") they seem to issue CDPs to non-swiss residents.



Email Mrs Siekierski (you will find her email address on the CDP Request document) sure she can tell you quickly whether they will issue one or not.

They just issued me one without any probs (but I'm a swiss resident), the deposit was acceptable (100% of bike value, min. of CHF 3'000, that's for "worst" CDP countries incl. Bangladesh and Pakistan, less if they're excluded).

Please keep us updated.

Cheers, Jiri

duffyduck 13 Mar 2007 10:16

great thanks frank and jiri!

i emailed to TCS and AAN.

will post their answers if i get one..
regards, matthias

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