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Hvd1041 26 Sep 2012 12:18

UK Licence
Here's a question someone will know straight up ( I hope - had not luck with the DMV ).

I've a UK and NZ Licence - but only a Bike endorsement on my NZ Licence... how do I get my UK one 'updated' to show I also have a UK Bike Licence ?

I understand it is easy if it's the initial UK Issue.


Tony P 26 Sep 2012 14:40

Your best bet is to contact DVLA and ask.
NZ Licences can be 'exchanged' for UK ones but I am uncertain if that means surrendering the NZ one.
Another factor could be if your UK Licence was a result of taking tests or a exchange.
Some info here, but not all
Driving on licences from Northern Ireland, Jersey, Guernsey, Isle Of Man, Gibraltar or Designated Countries : Directgov - Motoring
NZ is a Designated Country - which means one whose tests are considered by DVLA to be of a similar standard and not corrupt.

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