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itchyfeet38 5 Aug 2011 09:21

UK/EU Insurance (Comp and 3rd Party) for UK registered vehicle currently in Africa

Can anyone suggest the best way of arranging insurance (third party and comprehensive) for Europe for a UK registered Land Rover which is returning overland having been in Africa for three years.

The Landy was last MOTed and Taxed in 2008/9 and is subject to a SORN and temporary export marker with DVLA.

Obviously cannot Tax vehicle without an MOT and cannot get MOT until reach the UK.

Options seem to be:

(a) Get UK (third party/comprehensive) cover which will cover Europe but do not know whether there will be an exclusion if it is on a European road without valid Tax and MOT.

(b) Get Green Card cover from Arisa (?) (is this third party only?) but not sure whether this would be valid for a UK registered vehicle.

(c) Get third party insurance at EU border - again not sure whether this would cover UK registered vehicle?

Any advice gratefully received.

misterpaul 5 Aug 2011 12:11

I would be contacting UK insurance companies, but I think you're right that starting the insurance outside the UK without current tax & MOT will be a problem for them.

Arissa / Mototouring green card is only for non EU registered vehicles. It's also only 3rd party.

Which border are you entering the EU at? I took the Visemar Line ferry into Venice and there was no insurance available there, so best to check first if you go with this option.

My experience of driving into and through Europe and into the UK in a non EU vehicle was that no-one checked anyway. Passports yes, but no-one was interested in anything to do with the vehicle.


mark manley 8 Aug 2011 20:56

It might be pushing the bounds of legality but how about insuring the vehicle on-line before entering the EU not mentioning where your are or lack of t and t, booking an MOT at the nearest test centre to the port of arrival, get it tested, straight to the post office for tax or tax on-line, presuming the vehicle passes.

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