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geordie_e 11 Nov 2011 00:00

UK citizen applying for USA visa
Hi all

Having spent a few nights reading up on applying for a USA visa I was wondering if anyone from the UK has done this recently?

When you ring the £1.23 a minute to book an interview how long is the phone call?

Can you request a specific date for the interview ?

and finally how long does the visa last for (I think Im right in applying for a B2 tourist visa?)

Geordie aka Will

maja 11 Nov 2011 00:51

I was under the impression that if you have a UK passport then you got a 90 day visa waver on entry and booking your "good guy" number over the internet which I think now costs US$12.00 or thereabouts was all you have to do. Ride safe.

geordie_e 11 Nov 2011 08:10

Your right Mike

I have used this in the past because Im a good boy lol but I want to stay for 6 months and having a visa you dont need to pre register with ESTA.

Just wondering how much hassle it is to get an American visa (which Im led to believe they last for 10 years)

Geordie aka Will

geordie_e 14 Nov 2011 21:20

Just bumping in the hope that someone can help me :-)

geordie aka Will

Delbert 14 Nov 2011 21:27

We have some guys at work who tried to get a visa - they seem to be pretty tough these days because of Terrorism & economy (I think they are worried you are going to work there or never leave).

one had several refusals but got there in the end. sotty not much help other than to say you may have to be patient
Good luck

geordie_e 14 Nov 2011 21:29

cheers for that
Ive just remembered that a mate of mine had to apply (its too late to ring him so will have to wait till the morning).

Ive spent a long time reading and checking official sites.... whats the bet that I spend 15 minutes on the £1.23 a minute line lol

Geordie aka Will

geordie_e 19 Nov 2011 21:48

Hi all

Surely someone in the UK has applied for a USA tourist Visa ?

Any snippet will help :thumbup1:

Geordie aka Will

geordie_e 25 Nov 2011 21:51

hi all

still looking for any snippet of info on these visas

Geordie aka Will

kito 13 Dec 2011 21:17

how did you get on ?? i am thinking of trying to get a tourist visa . how much does it cost ?

geordie_e 13 Dec 2011 21:58


Didn't get much response :helpsmilie:

I think with the price of the phone call to book your visa and the visa fee's it was working out at about £100, then £20 to pay the courier to return visa and passport.

Plus An overnight stay in London (well it would be for me coming from Newcastle upon Tyne)

Geordie aka Will

kito 14 Dec 2011 19:22

was that when you called the number that you didnt get much response??

I have been reading up on the wavier option and it seems i broke a few rules last time i was in america . I enterd in Seatle by air on a 1 way flite then riden out into mexico .all seamed easy .i hope thats not going to go against me.

geordie_e 14 Dec 2011 21:33

Sorry I meant I didnt get much response to this thread.

Im dreading phoning at £1.23p a minute :(

As long as you handed back the green part of visa waiver you will be fine .... or otherwise they may think your still in the USA :oops2:

Geordie aka Will

Livotlout 16 Dec 2011 17:35

Old Info.
Hi Will,

We met at the Mendip Meet, I've not chimed in earlier, because my info relates back to 2005, when I travelled from New York to South America.

When I applied for a B2 tourist visa it was about 6 weeks waiting time for the appointment in London (I understand you can choose Belfast),

During the wait and after you have lodged electronicly all your details you have to credit theiir bank with £60 (2005)

When attending appointment (do not be late!!!) was linned up in the street (lucky it was not raining) and sent thro' in waves of abouit thirty applicants, following screening entered a large hall where there must have been 200 people plus waiting, where you wait to be called to first interview, this is followed by a second interview after a wait, from which, if you are successfull, you will be advised to pay courier fee (£39 - I think) for return of passport with a 10 year B2 Visa.

Hope this helps some, although as stated this was more than five years ago.......Best wishes Alec.

geordie_e 16 Dec 2011 17:41

Thanks Alec

Going to have another look at the embassy page to see if there's a way round having to phone them up... I dont mind paying for calls but at £1.23 thats just plain taking the pi££ !

Am I right in thinking the 10 year B2 visa allows you a stay of up to 6 months ?

Geordie aka Will

geordie_e 9 Feb 2012 17:06

Update : now have visa
Hi All

Just thought I would update this for future reference.

Jan 2012 filled in the DS160 online, remember to save it and it will take about 2 hours to complete, they basically ask you everything about your life

next day rang the embassy hotline (£1.23 per minute) to book my appointment. I was on the line for 11 minutes, no quick way of doing it as they repeat everything back to you.
At that time they will ask you for a payment with visa, I think converted it was about £90 for the embassy fee

Mid Jan, travelled to London and stayed over night at friends, arrived the next day at 10:10 for a 10:30 appointment.
Went thru security, no electronics allowed (watches seem ok).
Took a ticket and waited roughly 70 minutes for your first interview. this is just to hand in paperwork and get your fingerprints taken (if you have any cuts on your fingers or thumbs they will not take them and you have to rebook your appointment).

A hour later my ticket got called out for 2nd interview. you stand at a window and they ask you questions.

why you want it ..... for travelling ( I know you can travel for 90 days but state thats not long enough in case of breakdowns/accidents).

How are you funding the trip.... here show them bank statements or pension payments

do I have a house in the UK .. showed them letter from mortgage company

was I married... I laughed and said "No, thats why I am happy!"

any children in the UK... told them they were grown up

Ever been in trouble with police etc.. nope squeaky clean

And then she said, thats your visa approved ! I was shocked it took 5 mins at the most.
After that drop off your paperwork with the courier (cheapest cost was £14.95). I was out of the building within 2 hours of arriving.

A week later my passport was delivered with a 10 year B2 visa inside :-)

all in all a bit expensive but a painless process to go thru, now I can stay up to 6 months but I am able to extend in country if I feel I am running out of time.

Hope this helps someone

Geordie aka Will

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