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Cuki 27 Jul 2012 10:02

Travelling SE Asia and Oz with bike and carnet on somebody else's name??
Hi all,

With the huge amount of information available on HU and the web, I still cannot find the right answer to my question. Hopefully one of you can help me out.

I'm Dutch, and planning to fly to Thailand in September. There I can get a friend's bike. The bike is registered on his name (in UK) and also the carnet is on his name. Already found out it's not possible to get a carnet on my name (or can I, in Malaysia??).

My question is, if I get a signed letter of approval of him in which he allows me to ride his bike from Thailand, through Malaysia, Indonesia and then to Australia (and somewhere next year to Central- and South-America. Is this possible?

Anybody experience with this, specifically at border crossings??

The information I found so far is quite contradictory. Some sources say it's not possible to cross borders with a bike and carnet that are not on your own name. Other sources say that it is in fact possible, but then you need a signed letter of the owner (and of course a copy of all important documents).

Hope you guys can help me out.


amzahsulaiman 3 Aug 2012 16:19

All I can say for Malaysia is, you can ride on other owner bike provided you have a written consent from him/her. If you are entering Malaysia from Thailand i.e going Southerly direction there are 4 primary border crossing points. Best you enter through the Danok Thailand side/Bukit Kayu Hitam Malaysia side as this is the main international boder crossing between the two countries.
Many other riders shipped their bikes to Australia or Indonesia or New Zealand from ports in Malaysia but not from Singapore. I concur that.
Safe ride.:taz::taz:

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