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ygue6072 26 Sep 2012 02:34

travel insurance - motorbikes
Hi All,

My hubby and I are going to Spain for 4weeks and will be renting/hiring a motorbike for the duration to get around. Unfortunately, the majority of travel insurance DOESN'T cover motorbikes over 125cc or 200cc and we are getting something closer to 650cc.

Does anyone know of travel insurance that covers motorbikes over 200cc or travel insurance that will have the rental vehicle excess insurance apply to motorbikes??

The ones I can find (if they do cover a bike over 200cc) will cover us for medical purposes but they wont cover the excess or public liability (so if we crash into someone else).

Any suggestions will be greatly appreciated!!

Tourider 26 Sep 2012 09:12

Most of the providers who come up on "Compare the Meerkat", etc. are agents who are selling the same policy for an underwriter who doesn't cover bikes over 125cc. I'm with the AA, their multi-trip European policy cost between £30 and £50 per year.

dash 26 Sep 2012 12:07

The public liability aspect should be included as part of the rental charge surely?

In terms of being covered for other stuff, ISTR Nationwide are OK for travel by motorbikes, there's a very specific clause in there aimed at excluding people without bikes licences hiring mopeds in Ibiza, etc. but general travel by bike is fine. Don't know about the rental excess thing, we've always been on our own bikes.

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