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GsGrins 25 Feb 2008 13:58

Title stamped "EXPORT"
I'm shipping my GS to Argentina in a few weeks, fron NY. I am told that the original title must be present when the bike clears outbound customs here in the US, where it will be stamped "EXPORTED". Then it will be sent back to me (overnight) and I will add it to my growing pile of trip paperwork. I will be doing a "personal, temporary import" of the moto in Argentina (with the help of the Dakar Moto folks), riding to Ushuaia and riding to Alaska. So, I have two questions;

1- Has anyone had a problem returning a bike to the US with a title that has been stamped "Exported" ?

2- How often are you asked for the Title during a overland trip? NY has a standard registration document (I'll have many copies available) which I assume will be the usual document requested both in road checks and border crossings, right?

Thanks to all...!


Moto Americas

bananaman 25 Feb 2008 14:29

I am going to have to do some more research on this. I haven't shipped my bike, but I have ridden it across the borders of Central America. You have to get temporary import permits for each country, but they never touch the title. Talking to others... they made a very high-quality color copy of their title, used it instead of the original, and not a single border agent caught the difference.

Flying from Panama to Colombia, nobody I've met has had to have their title stamped.

Is part of the process different because you're not going to be with your bike as it clears customs?

GsGrins 25 Feb 2008 19:11

Actually, It's required that I AM with the bike to clear customs... I guess that's the "personal" part of personal temporary importation...I also have some sweet looking color copies of the title. I'll take the original....just in case I guess....


bananaman 26 Feb 2008 01:05

If this happens to me- that they want to stamp my title- I'm giving them a high-quality two-sided laser-color-copy.

That reminds me- the cops in Panama were wise to my "expired" license trick. The Nicaragua cops weren't. I need to make some good fake licenses- laser copies thickly laminated to somehow look real. Maybe I need to take a walk around campus, ask some kids for some "help."

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