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nickthedesigner 17 Aug 2008 19:09

Thailand import paperwork
I've looked on the Thai customs website, and the list of minimum papers required for temp. import is long. Many of which I don't know what they are. Can anyone shed any light on what these are?:

>> Thai Customs <<

A Special Goods Declaration and 5 duplicates (where do I get this? The shipping agent..?)
A Vehicle Registration Certificate. (OK)
An Identification card and passport of the master of the vehicle, including an international driving license. (OK)
A Letter of Attorney, in case where the master of the vehicle does not own the vehicle. (N/A)
An application form for the temporary import of personal vehicles. (A customs form I presume... the one available from GT Rider website?)
Evidence of purchase e.g. a proforma invoice, invoice, etc. (really...?? - should I bother fabricating such a document...?)
A Certificate of Legal Entity.(A what?)
A Re-Export Contract; and.(A what?)
Other relevant documents (if any).

I also was unable to find a description from anyone of the UP-TO-DATE process to follow in order to clear the bike at BKK airport. Any links?

Cheers, Nick

beddhist 18 Aug 2008 03:57

I think you can forget about all this legalese. You hand over your shipping documents and rego and they do the rest, from what I have read. Make sure you get the original bill of lading from the freight co.

pecha72 18 Aug 2008 10:04

Took my bike to Thailand via BKK airport last January. No big problems at customs (I was accompanied by a thai-speaking person, which of course did help a lot!) and took us about 2-3 hours to get the bike out of there. ThereĀ“s a free shuttle bus going from the main passenger terminal to the cargo area (the airport is BIG!)

The important paper will be the T2 temporary import paper (not sure if I remember its name 100% correct), where it is stated, in Thai and in English, that if you fail to re-export the vehicle within 30 days, you face paying in taxes and duties a ridiculous amount of baht (our bike was worth maybe 7000 euros, and this sum equalled some 24.000 euros!)

I hear you are able to work your way around this, or at least some people do so, and then they are able to keep it in Thailand for about 6 months or so. Or you can visit a neighbouring country, and get new 30 days. We stayed only a couple of weeks, so for us it was never an issue.

beddhist 19 Aug 2008 06:12

With the temp import you have two choices, if you want to stay 2-6 months:

1 - Visit any customs office with this paper and your passport just before it expires and you will get a free 30 day extension, but only if your entry stamp is valid that long. Takes about 30 - 45 mins each time.

2 - Don't bother and pay a 2000B (40 Euro) fine upon leaving.

I choose 1, because the customs office is only 4km down the road and I have to go there for my border runs anyway.

Don't keep the bike longer than 6 months in Thailand or you risk having it confiscated and having to pay a big fine. (or a small fine without receipt, depends... :blushing:)

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