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mark k 6 Feb 2012 13:45

Temp import certificate Russia
Hi all,

Quick question, a couple of us are planning a trip back from Magadan this summer.
The plan is to ride to St Petes, get the bikes packed and shipped to Magadan (approx 30 days), in the mean time we will go back to the boring day jobs until they arrive and then fly over.
When we enter Russia we will get the TIC, is it ok to leave Russia without the bikes for the 30 days approx. Then pick them up in Magadan and ride back and out?



strimstrum 6 Feb 2012 13:58


I just checked the Russina stamps in my passport and there is nothing there about my bike. We arrived in Russia by air without the bikes - they came separately by ship so it is the same as your question just the other way around.

I am no expert but I cannot see a problem - only thing that might crop up is that the authorities may deem your bikes to have been with you all the time and this will count towards the days of your visa - maybe somebody else knows the answer to this. There may be, however, some requirement on the TIC that you cannot leave the country whilst your bike remains - never took the time to read mine !


Tony P 6 Feb 2012 15:08

A vehicle is granted up to 3 months temp import permit - subject to that or longer overal visa validity. It can easily be extended to up to a year subject to the same - and that you do it before the 3 months expires.

It is quite in order to leave it and exit without it and return later (I did/do it all the time, but am no longer under visas now).

Some people get misled by their own passport stamps. If they show a car instead of an aeroplane it only means you entered RUS at a road border, not an airport, not that you drove the car - or piloted the jumbo jet!

If shipping the vehicle out sooner than drive/riding it, ensure the Customs cancel the permit - otherwise they will think it is still in RUS and will be seeking Duty on it. On entry, Customs's computor shows all previous vehicles you brought in and took out, via your Passport details.

mark k 6 Feb 2012 15:24

Thanks for the replies chaps,
So the TIC is only valid for 3 months, our options would be to cancel the permit when we leave St Petes (can we just get new ones in Magadan even though the bikes are already there, what department do we have to go it?), or to try to extend in Magadan, or when we drop into mongolia to cancel it and renew when you come back in.
Is there a time period between cancelling and renewing a TIC on the same vehicle?



motoreiter 6 Feb 2012 15:35


Originally Posted by Harryg (Post 366228)
Is there a time period between cancelling and renewing a TIC on the same vehicle?

I'm not sure if I understand all of your questions; it sounds like you will have two months left on your Temp Import Cert once you pick up the bikes in Magadan, so I don't think you'd need to renew it, you should be able to get out of Russia within two months, even from Magadan.

If you have to renew it, I think you can do it in any large city, at a customs facility. But you can only renew it for the length of your visa, and there are other restrictions they try to impose sometimes, like saying that you have to be registered in the relevant city, etc. It would probably be easier to just go to Mongolia and get a new one at the border!

As to your question above--no, there is no time period. I frequently leave Russia and turn right around and re-enter to renew my Temp Import Cert. Sometimes I don't even have to enter the other country, I just leave Russia, turn around in no-mans land, and come back in. Other times they make me actually enter the other country...

mark k 6 Feb 2012 15:41

Thanks for the reply motoreiter,

We will have around 2 months left from when we get to Magadan, the trip is going to take around 8 weeks all in but you never know :)

Anyway I now have all the answers thanks to all the replies.
If we are looking tight on time we will either renew at Mongolia or Kazakstan.

Thanks for all you help.


Tony P 6 Feb 2012 16:20


Originally Posted by Harryg (Post 366228)
our options would be to cancel the permit when we leave St Pete

Motoreiter has responded to the rest.

On this above point, a TIP is only cancelled by the vehicle going out of RUS, or written off following an accident following Police Certification of this. Until then it remains valid until expiry after which it becomes your liability to pay duty and obtain local registration - which is not allowed for holders of Tourist or Business Visas.

The number 22 features greatly with Russian burocracy!

Turning to your later post, - by exiting RUS while you sent the bike east you are saving some of your own visa's 90 days in 180. That is useful to you but not the bike although a quick half hour in Mongolia or Kaz starts the bike on a new 3 month TIP.
Whether those countries will need a visa from you or will permit a 'no-mans land' U-turn, I don't know.

motoreiter 6 Feb 2012 16:27


Originally Posted by Tony P (Post 366237)
Whether those countries will need a visa from you or will permit a 'no-mans land' U-turn, I don't know.

You should certainly plan on having all necessary visas, the U-turn is a bonus if you can get it but you can't count on it, as it seems to depend on the whim of the border officials.

Tony P 6 Feb 2012 16:32

This would also mean you need a multi entry RUS visa - not a double entry which will be used up with StPete and later Magadan.

mark k 6 Feb 2012 16:36

Thanks Tony for clearing that one up.
We are going to ride back across the old summer road, Vilyuisky Trakt, down to Ust-Kut, then if we have time and enough energy across the western part of the BAM.
Followed by dropping down to Mongolia, I know you have done these routes before (apart from the Mongolia bit, although that is just highway from Tynda) as have read many posts and articles of yours and Walters.
I estimate around 5 weeks to do this part of the trip maybe a bit less, does that sound resonable to you? If so we will have plenty of time to renew the TIP.

We are both experienced bikers on 690 enduros so terrain shouldnt (hopefully) be to much of a problem.



mark k 6 Feb 2012 16:38

We will have multi entry 12 month Visa's so no problem there.

motoreiter 6 Feb 2012 16:51

I meant for the other countries--Mongolia and/or Kazahkstan, etc.

mark k 6 Feb 2012 17:00

I've read on the forum that you can get the Mongolian visa at Ulan-Ude in Russia, and the Kazakstan one in Ulaan Bataar, will do a bit more reserch pre trip anyway.


Tony P 6 Feb 2012 20:35


Originally Posted by Harryg (Post 366243)
I estimate around 5 weeks to do this part of the trip maybe a bit less, does that sound resonable to you?

5 weeks should be OK given good conditions.
Much depends on the weather, melt water levels, forest fires and general damp.
We had a good run but anything adverse could increase that exponentially.

From memory, but going the other way, our actual 'on the road' times for legs were about -

A. 4 days Magadan - Yakutsk, including Lena ferry, but not the west OSR from Kubeme.
B. 3 days Yakutsk- Mirny (allow 4 hours more to Lensk) on Vilyuisky Trackt
C. 3 days Lensk- Ust Kut on ferry barge. Going upstream takes longer, maybe 1-2 days more.
D. *5 or 6 days Ust Kut- Tynda via west BAM
E. 1/2 day Tynda-TSH

* not sure without looking it up. Buy and read the book!

Sibirsky Extreme Book Walter Colebatch motorcycle expedition journey siberia mongolia

Days are very long and nights short in summer that far north - at times there was no real dark but heavy twilight for 2 or 3 hours - so we kept moving up to 15 hours a day generally at a fair pace with few stops.

The TSH is really pure miles straight from the map. An average of about 45-55mph is probably reasonable for estimating times.

Recovery days were important, at least at my age, but I noticed 'young' Colebatch instigated many of them whereas, at times, I could/would have continued! We generally stayed put after each of the above legs for a similar number of days as we had spent on it, to get maintenance, repairs, rest and a Beer or two.

mark k 7 Feb 2012 10:04

Thanks Tony,
I'll get the book and go throught it, much appreciated with the information.
If you are around any of those areas this summer maybe meet up for a beer :)



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