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KTM Davor 14 Oct 2008 14:25

Sudan visa in cairo
Hi! I need a telefon number of Sudan embassy in Cairo. It is imposibile to get it in Europa. Always wrong number.Thanks!

CourtFisher 15 Oct 2008 03:01

Google is your friend: "Sudan Embassy Cairo"-->
Embassies and Consulates of Sudan in The World. - Offshorewave.com - International Real Estate, Country Profiles, Overseas Living Blog, Banks in Sudan, Universities in Sudan, Living and Moving to Sudan

Embassy of the Republic of Sudan in Cairo, Egypt.Address:3 Ibrahim St. Garden City, Cairo, Egypt.Phones:(202) 355-7705 / (202) 355-7925Fax:(202) 354-2693
[don't know if this is correct; it's just what shows up on one Google search]

KTM Davor 15 Oct 2008 11:02

NO! It si a wrong number

onlyMark 15 Oct 2008 16:10

Egypt Yellow Pages
YellowPages - Egypt's Official Online Yellow Pages/Business Directory -Local Search Engine

3 El Ibrahimy St.
Garden City, Cairo
Tel: 02 27949661

onlyMark 15 Oct 2008 16:13

Just tried it on my phone and confirmed with a man there it is the Sudan Embassy.

onlyMark 21 Oct 2008 08:31

After going to the trouble I did I hope you have a good excuse for not saying thank you.
Like you've not logged back on or you're dead.

KTM Davor 22 Oct 2008 12:40

Sorry! Number is OK but nobody speak English.

onlyMark 22 Oct 2008 15:27

What do you want? Jam on it?
Why should they speak English?

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