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dstehouwer 12 Jun 2011 23:58

Stuck between MEX and USA :-S
Hello all,

We left the USA yesterday, to head into Mexico (on a trip south to South America)
The personal visa's were arranged in no time, but the bikes are a problem...

We are not allowed to pay a deposit (200USD for our pre-2000 bikes) as our bikes are not from the USA. (and because we are not coming back into the USA)

It 'seems' now we need a Transmigrant-form or something, to get south.
We can only get this on working days, so we checked into a hotel until monday.

My biggest problem is, that everybody tells a different story down here, and I am not sure whether we succeed on monday.
Backup-plan: go back to the USA...but still, we want to drive south!

Nevertheless, it must be possible to drive your own bike north2south I guess, so has anyone have any experience?
Your info would be very handy!!!!

We are now just south of Nogales, so if anyone knows where to go and what to arrange, feel free to post the info ;-)
Far Away From Flakkee

FYI: we are from The Netherlands, so are the bikes. Registered on our names, and we will not go back into the USA with these bikes if we make it into Mexico. Have to admit, although giving random information, the mexicans here are helpful!

Cam Johnson 13 Jun 2011 09:13

I had the reverse problem that you have. Bike was OK, but it was me that had the problem. It took hours to work out but eventually everything was sorted after many meetings. I'm sure that a bit of cash could speed up the process if you're in a hurry.

Mr. Ron 13 Jun 2011 10:31

Many foreigners like yourselves have made this crossing, there is absolutely NO REASON to start bribing officials, you will only make it worse for the next guy. It could be that you need a special permit, although I have never heard of this. Canadians and Americans need a title or registration proving the bike is in their name, and it must be valid with a date. I have always used a credit card instead of cash, maybe that's an option? If you hit a dead end, go to another boarder crossing, preferably a smaller one. You can ride within a few 100km (I think?) of the US boarder without a permit. Insurance is recommended and required, although hardly enforced, your call. Really you should have no problems entering Mexico as long as your papers are in order. Enjoy Mexico!

dstehouwer 14 Jun 2011 03:03

We simply tried again today, and no difficult questions were asked; neither did we ;-)
We got in okay, payed the deposit and hopefully we can get it back at the bourder down south!

garrydymond 14 Jun 2011 03:40

That's good news, You will get the money back without a problem when you leave.
Hope to see you here in Mex City


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