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Sixtring74 11 Sep 2012 09:49

Shipping, Import, Export, MOT and TAX

I'm currently planning a world trip but have had a thought this morning which in my small and in experienced mind is a huge stumbling block.

The trip a friend and I have started planning is hopefully going to take us around the world in two to four week chunks. We’ll ride for those weeks to a set destination fly home and return to daily life. A few months later we’ll return to our bikes and carry on with the journey. Hopefully each time we return home will be when our bikes are crossing oceans etc.

As this trip will take a couple of years to complete I’m concerned where we stand with the bikes and the duration they’re out of the UK with regards to MOT and TAX and also if it means we have to export or import them into countries. Can any body help?

Thanks guys. Rob

mark manley 11 Sep 2012 18:06

The only thing you can do is SORN them when the tax or insurance runs out, which ever happens first and on your return to the UK take them from the port of arrival home in a van.
Technically they should be legal in country of origin but due to the impracticality of this when away for more than a year it can't happen but don't tell any customs/police officers of this if you are asked and you hopefully won't have a problem outside of the EU anyway.

Sixtring74 14 Sep 2012 13:01

Thanks Mark.

I've read through another post regarding this and there seems to be much confusion regarding it all.


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