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deigham 1 Oct 2012 01:08

Scooters, cdp and border crossings
Me and my travel buddy (Swedish and Norwegian) are traveling from Poland to China. At this moment we are riding 50 cc scooters that we bought in Poland and 3500 km later we are in Istanbul, Turkey. We want to travel by land trough Iran, Pakistan, india, nepal and China. We know that the scooters wont last forever but as long as they last we will use them before we use other modes of transport (buss/train etc).
I have read a lot about carnet de passage the last couple of days and they al talk about cars/motorbikes. We are riding 50 cc scooters (valued about 250 euros each) and are wondering if we even need cdp since our bikes are not worth mutch? can we get it in Istanbul or another country close by? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Belle 1 Oct 2012 14:15

Speak to Mehmet at The Istanbul Motobiklet Club - he knows everything and what's more, he and the other blokes there are all top people! Search under the travellers list but I've spelt it wrong, so be prepared to give it a few goes. or look down the post list and find a recent post from them - think there was one earlier.

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