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brittman 24 Jan 2008 14:59

russia bike insurance
Ok planning my trip to moscow in july i have insurance for all the countries in east europe except russia.i have read that you have to get it a russian border also have herd lots of rip offs there anyone been there give me a good one?does it really cover bike and kit if stolen?thats my only worry as i'm riding a harley and they are not cheap to replace plus i love my bike,please let me know thanks tom.


Robbert 24 Jan 2008 16:48

No theft...
I don't think the insurance you buy at the border will cover theft. In Moscow, park your bike in a guarded parking.

It typically doesn't work out to expensive. And learn your ten words of russian. Much less likeley to be ripped off (if you can find the office mentionning strachivania (looks like: CTPAXNBAHR, but the N and the R should be mirrored)yourself, there's no need to hand over dollars to a dodgy person that will buy your insurance at a quarter of the price... .)

Enjoy Russia! It's an amazing place!

Tony P 25 Jan 2008 00:56

Russian Insurance
Whatever you can persuade your 'home' insurers to cover you for, the only documentation acceptable to both the ingoing Border checks (Customs mainly) and the DPS (Roads Police) is a certificate issued by a Russian Insurance Company. A Green Card means nothing to them.

You can buy insurace in towns close to the border, prior to presenting yourself at the border.

Last summer I rode into Russia via the Narva (Estonia) border, and first went to the Narva Tourist Office. They gave me a list of local Travel Agents and actually phoned one to check for me that they still did this.

The Travel Agent required to see the usual vehicle registration documents, my Passport, Drivers Licence and IDP. They wanted 722 EEKs (about £32) in local cash (ATM/bankomat nearby) for 2 months bike insurance.

This Russian insurance, although the Holy Grail to the Customs and Police, is very basic - similar to the UK's RTA insurance. If you want Comprehensive or TP, F & T you should get your 'home country' insurer to cover the additional risks - if you can.

Theft of motor bikes, particularly in Moscow, is an ever present danger. As Robbert says, Guarded Parking is advisable - but still set alarms, use heavy chains to secure various parts of the bike (not just a wheel!) to something immovable. I park in a private courtyard to our own flat in Moscow and still think someone tried to make off with it one night! I found that in deep country such precautions were not so vital to ensure your continued journey. But I think it sence to follow similar procedures. Several hotels en-route across Russia even insisted I put the bike, not just in the grounds but, in the actual building at night.

I have been to Russia more than 15 times in the last 3 years (including the aforememtioned 10,000 mile bike journey) and wholeheartedly agree with Robbert. It is a fantastic land and people, that still fascinates me from the moment I arrive until I leave, with a heavy heart. Roll on March!

If only their smiles were a little more spontaneous.

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