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enfield 16 Aug 2012 23:34

Royal Enfield Ride Back From India - Visa Assistance

I'm wondering if anyone can help me?

I'm looking to ride a Royal Enfield Bullet back from India, I'm shipping the bike out to circumvent the registration issues!

What I need to know is about insurance I have insurance arranged for any EU country, but I will need it for the following countries -

Saudi Arabia

I have contacted a insurance company in the UAE and they have said insurance can only be purchased for a year. If that's the case...then in each country it maybe slightly dearer than I had envisaged and the trip may cost slightly more.

What I need to know is this...

Is it possible to purchase a 30 day cover note at the borders of these countries listed above?

I have emailed the all the embassies concerned and only received 1 reply from the Jordanians saying insurance and visas could be arranged at the border....it was a two line response not overly encouraging...as it may of been a hungover office worker thinking it would be funny for some plonker to travel miles and then get refused!

Any help or assistance would be great fully received!!



Uselessbaba 17 Sep 2012 12:00

I think you need to investigate the situation entering Arab countries with an Israel stamp in your passport and vice-versa. Most people travelling through the middle east circumnavigate Israel for this reason.

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