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christy 9 Aug 2006 11:32

Question about V5 Registration Paper
Hi there, getting a bit over paranoid in the last couple of weeks before my trip to South America. I just want a final confirmation of the documants I will need to take the bike into Ecuador and through peru, bolivia, chile and argentina.
I will have

International driving licence
V5 registration document

Is this all I need?

Also, the V5 doesn't state the engine number - it just says "not known" is this going to be a problem?

Thanks Christine

Matt Cartney 9 Aug 2006 13:36

Re: Your V5. The DVLA are f***ing hopeless at doing anything in under a month so it's too late to worry about that! ;)

Simon Kennedy 10 Aug 2006 08:25

I wouldn't worry Christine. It is the frame number, the VIN, that the customs look at.

But if you are really concerned there is another piece of paper work you could bring along - it's called something like the" international certificate of vehicle ownership" (check the paperwork section of this site for exact name).

It is a small booklet with lots of translations of your essential details, including engine number I think. I believe they are available from the AA - or RAC perhaps.


IanC 15 Aug 2006 10:31


I know how you feel! I'm off to the Americas around the end of the month, and am starting to panic, i.e. regarding "have I forgotten something?". I hope I haven't, but it all feels almost TOO easy - no visas/carnets etc. Which is why I'm reading the HUBB now when I'm supposed to be working...

The one thing I've read in a few places is that the IDP is only an extra document to your normal Driving Licence, and not a replacement for it, and in fact you are more likely to be asked for your normal one - so take it!

When are you off? I still have a minor detail to sort out, i.e. whether I'm starting in Mexico or Alaska! I shall be finishing in TDF (BA) though, around January '07.

Have you managed to pre-arrange any SA insurance, or are you going to do that on arrival?

christy 15 Aug 2006 12:21

Insurance South America
Hi Ian, I'm going to get insurance when I get there but have got medical cover from Navigator here in the UK. I'm flying out to Ecuador around 5th Sept and bike is arriving a few days later. I feel totally unprepared as I'm totally incompetent as far as repairs go - barely know a sprocket from a spark plug! I have a totally unfounded belief that it will all be ok.
When are you leaving? hopefully catch up with you somewhere on the road.

IanC 15 Aug 2006 15:20

Hi Christine

I'm going to book my shipping at around 7 days' notice, as I'm determined to get everything I need to in order and finished before I go - also I have some jabs on Aug 29th. I can't leave it too long as I may (probably will) ship to Alaska, and after mid-Sep the weather will be too harsh. If I am delayed much past then I will start through Mexico (Los Angeles actually).

I've got similar quotes (around £200) for travel insurance from Navigator and www.STATravel.co.uk, which seem extremely reasonable, whereas CampbellIrvine want £677.50! I must read the small print when I find the time. How long will your trip take?

Not sure where you are in the UK, but if you're not at the other end of the country (I'm in Somerset) and fancy meeting up to compare notes, or a chat on the phone, give me a call on 07971 245177. I'm of the attitude that "everything will be fine", but I do have a nagging feeling that I've forgotten something critical! I went to the HUBB meeting in Derbyshire a couple of months back, and really should have spent more time talking to people there who had done similar trips.


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