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Asa 29 Mar 2002 00:29

purchasing bike in Europe/ US citizen
I would like to purchase a used BMW in the Netherlands in May for a 4 month Europe tour. I am stumped on how to deal with the registration and insurance since I don't reside there. I am planning on selling the bike before I fly home to the USA. If there is anyone out there who can help, let me know. If there is anyone in the Netherlands who can register and insure the bike in their name and then "lend" me the bike, I will pay $. Thanks, Asa

fireboomer 29 Mar 2002 02:33

Just a tought:
As far as I know the taxes paid on a bike are lots higher in the Netherlands then they are in Belgium.
I am sure it woudl save you money if you bought the bike in Belgium. But I think Maarten Munnik (who will surely read this ;-) knows more about this.
Belgium is just next to Holland. So don't worry about transport problems.
What kind of bike are you looking for? What is your budget?
If I can be of any help let me know.

Asa 29 Mar 2002 03:04

I am looking for a BMW K75 or K100 in the 3500-5000 Euro range. Any country close to the Netherlands would be fine. The big hurdle that I need to figure out is the registration and insurance. ASA

Cameron 29 Mar 2002 21:40

I considered doing the same thing last year, and checked out buying a bike in Britian, mainly for language reasons. Apparently all that is needed is a British mailing address for registration and insurance. You can rent a post office box to satisfy that requirement.
Check out www.autotrader.co.uk/ for prices of used bikes.

Good Luck


mmaarten 30 Mar 2002 01:55


ASA, I'll ask here what needs to be done to register a dutch bike on a foreign name, but be course of the holliday's I can only do this tuesday.

Pieter (fireboomer) has a point, so maybe Belgium is a better option. (but I'll check anyway and let you know).

Insurance will be around 100 euro a month (liabillity only) A full insurance (theft etc) is not possible for a foreigner.
You could check with paneuropean (Michael) who is also aranging insurance for europe (and he's from Canada).


Asa 30 Mar 2002 03:02

Thanks Maarten, I look forward to your reply.
If anyone knows any websites for used bikes, and registration and insurance issues in Belgium could you let me know. Asa

fireboomer 30 Mar 2002 04:52

Hey Asa,

Check out http://www.quality-bikes.be/
They aren't the cheapest ones, but they have really good used bikes. I have bought my first bikes and some of my friends recently bought there bikes at this place. It's a guy you can trust.

What are you planning to do with the bike after the trip? Sell it? Are you returning to Belgium? Mayby Quality Bikes is willing to take the bike back?

I'll see what I can find on insurance stuff for Belgium.

Asa 30 Mar 2002 05:02

Thanks fireboomer,
It is looking like Belgium might be much easier for me. As far as the bike, I am most likely going to try and sell it before I leave Europe. There is a small chance that I will export the bike back to the USA when my trip is over.

Cameron 30 Mar 2002 10:48

Hi Asa,
I got my third party liability ( green card) insurance through Mirjam Gruendler at ADAC in Germany, for my Canadian registered bike.
It is 22 Euro per month and is good for most of Europe. You can email me if you would like more info.

cheers, Cameron


mmaarten 2 Apr 2002 15:28

Hai Asa,

To register a (dutch) bike in Holland as a foreigner you need:
1- A valid ID (pasport)
2- Proof that you live in Holland by means of a county-register copy.

I think this is hard to acomplisch, since a county will only register you as an inhabitant when you have proof of de-registering elswere.

An alternative, as you stated yourself, is to let a dutch guy (or girl) buy and register the bike, and lending it to you. This is easy to arange.. but it NEEDS liability insurance.


mauikahuna 23 Apr 2002 23:20

Has anyone answered your question of whether or not you can sell your bike in a different country? I B doing the same as U.


Asa 24 Apr 2002 01:26

I have found that I can purchase, insure and register a motorcycle in Belgium. I can get a temporary vehicle registration that is good for 6 months. I can then ride the moto around Europe and either resell the bike or ship it back th the US.
Thanks for everyones' input and help.

Susan Johnson 24 Apr 2002 02:26

Hi Asa

Glad this has worked out for you. Can you advise details for anyone who wishes to do this in future? For example, can you just show up in Belgium and sort it out with the dealer? What has to be done in advance? Any contact details for registration, etc. Also, who gave you the definitive word that it can be done in Belgium, so we can quote them?


Asa 24 Apr 2002 20:53

I got the definative word from the Belgium consualate in Washington D.C. and also a gentelman in Belgium that has done the research through his insurance agent. Nothing is set up in advance. A person needs to purchase the bike, insure it, then go to their version of the DMV. You can have your liscense palte and be on the road within 1-2 days.

John Ferris 25 Apr 2002 01:01

" Or ship it back to the US "
I have seen Euro bikes brought back to the US. But depending on the state you are in you may or may not be able to register the bike or sell it. Some states computers will not take Euro vin's.

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