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frederic 13 Dec 2000 06:00

procedure to get bike in argentina from sea freight
the bike is here, well arrive the trip can start except i have not yet full fill the administrative procedure to get it.
the question : do you have already done an import in argentina coming by sea, what are the procedure ?
customs, price to pay to customs,time it takes,....

thanks a lot


frederic 23 Dec 2000 20:30

it was easier than foreseen !
First check with the freight agency then go the EMBA in terminal 4 the customer office .
There fullfil the paper, 10 different stamps some signature in fact everything in less then 2 hours.
After that back to the freight agency, pay them the bill and go to the warehouse.
Do some paper again, pay some money again and rebuilt the bike and ciao
todos por 650 dollars
time in Buenos Aires to get the bike : 2.5 days

Werner Zwick 24 Dec 2000 00:57

Hi Frederic,

did the 650$ you paid include the shipping, or was it just for the fees in the harbour?


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