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hiphop lance 12 Jan 2007 23:49

perth to india (carnet info wanted)
Perth To India Or Similar
has Anyone Ridden From Perth To India. I Have Notice That All Places On Route Have Carnet(indo, Sing, Mal. Thai, Myanmar, Bangadesh, India) Do We Have To Pay Some Sort Of Refundable Bond To Customs When Using Carnet Travelling Through these countries on The way to India? If So How Much ? Or Do We Just Show Carnet And Off We Go?

i Might Be Wrong But I Have Seen some Type Of Bond Written. Please Let Me Know?

how Long For Enjoyable Trip On A Dr650 For A Trip Like This? Lance

beddhist 18 Jan 2007 07:50

No, the bond is paid to the AA issuing the carnet. This is the whole point of the carnet: your financial dealings are only at home with the AA and the borders simply stmp your carnet. If you break the rules the govt. in question claims the duty and tax from the AA who will then come after you, or rather, keep the bond.

In the menu on the left check out Planning > Paperwork > Carnet and also the Wikipedia page.

Note that from what I have read here it's not worth taking your bike into SIN and you can't cross Myanmar, so you have to fly.

Time: as long as you can afford and get visas for. Read the travellers stories and check out Linda's site: www.haefale.de/linda . She's just landed in Darwin. Invite her to your place ad get it from the horse's mouth! ;-)

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