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Drewsome 12 Nov 2011 07:49

Parking a bike in India - Carnet limitations?
Hey all,

I'm currently in Nepal and looking to head over the border into India within the coming weeks. I'm interested in the situation whereby if I am in India and I decide to head home to Australia for a few months of money collecting - how does the Carnet situation work when I want to check out of India and into Pakistan - perhaps 5 months after I've entered the country? I'm assuming that 3 months is the allowable length of stay.

I've been riding through SE Asia from Australia over the past 8 months and have experienced very lax officialdom in terms of Carnet stamping / understanding but I gather India's love of paperwork and stamps may pose a problem if the bike overstays the presumed 3 months allowed by the Carnet.

Sorry in advance if this is a well understood area ~ or there's a thread somewhere that covers this.

Any tips or experience on the matter would be appreciated!

Drew Milne
Adelaide to London on a Vespa PX200

idf000 10 Dec 2011 14:31


Your carnet grants you a six month duty-free temporary import of your vehicle into India.

More details (section 6).

In principle you can get a one-off six month extension. I fannied about trying to get this (in vain as I'd complicated my own cause by crossing India's borders five times by that point) but at the Attari Road crossing (aka Wagah, aka Lahore-Amritsar) the customs guy produced the required form anyway saying they get so many people who didn't realise the rule they've sort of given up.

Anyway, best not to rely on the transigence of border officials and remove your vehicle before the six months are up.



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