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victor 24 Dec 2003 19:38

oz driver license
Hi there! does anyonone knows if I can use an ozzie drivers license back in Europe and especially France? I'm planning to pass it down under it is cheaper.
merry christmas

Grant Johnson 25 Dec 2003 01:21

Basic rule on drivers licences:

If you are passing through, whatever licence you have is fine.

If you STAY somewhere and LIVE there for more than three months you must get a local licence. This may entail taking a driving test again.

gperkins 27 Dec 2003 01:04

What Grant says is correct, the only thing I might add is that after 3 months in Europe, when you are required to get a local licence, you have to surrender you Aust/foriegn licence. It will be sent back to it's county of origin and will be available to yourself once you return there. European nations will not allow 2 licences from different countries to run concurrently.

Col Campbell 27 Dec 2003 03:36

I lived in the UK for about 6-7 years without converting my license, just my OZ one and no international license, I`ve had no problems at all, in Europe, if you live here just don`t advertise the fact, the only reason I ended up converting it was because of the insurance companies.


d 2 Feb 2004 00:14

hi there,
as far as i know you have six months before you have to take out the national drivers licence (at least in germany). however, officially you are allowed to keep your bike within one eu country for a maximum of three months while changing places once in a while.
a tip: being an aussie you should be able to find a mate living in london. use his address and "exchange" your aussie licence for a uk/eu one. also, tell them that you will have to travel back and forth between uk and aus, thus needing to keep your aussie licence along the uk/eu one.
cheers, d

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