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Richiewizz 10 Jun 2011 19:44

Newbie...carnets and breaks in the trip
First post! I have searched the site and tried to find an answer...but apologize if my question has been raised before and I've missed it! One of the most inspiring ideas I gained from the original HU DVD was the idea of breaking a long trip into stages....leave the bike.....fly home....earn money...fly back etc.Sounded ideal for me.I recently retired and have ...like many...just about exhausted the "holiday" trips one can do from the UK and still get back within 2 or 3 weeks.I managed a trip to the south of Morocco.....but now want to plan a longer trip further south ....My dream would be to Benin. Could I legally/reliably find a safe home there for the bike for anything up to 9 months ....fly home( although flights V expensive from there) then return to ride on further south....repeat the pattern before continuing finally to S Africa..? Obviously loads of questions/worries...but for this thread....is all this feasible Carnet-wise....or maybe the journey breaks are too long..? Thanks a million and sorry again if this is old ground
Richard from up in Norfolk UK

farqhuar 11 Jun 2011 02:41

The purpose of a carnet is to ensure that you export the vehicle when you leave the country. In addition, some, but not all, countries, stamp your passport to indicate you have brought a vehicle into the country with you.

So no, you can't legally leave the bike behind whilst you fly back to the UK. However, in Benin (or other countries on your route to South Africa) there may be local bureaucrats who are prepared to wave a blind eye at the regulations if you are able to suitably grease their palms, but that's something between you and them, and don't forget the risks involved.

Richiewizz 11 Jun 2011 18:16

Thanks very much for your prompt reply...V helpful.I'll have to look at shipping back...or a shorter round trip...Don't think I want to mess with greasing palms....except when essential...!

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