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Not The Motorcycle Diaries 12 Feb 2007 22:23

New Bike (don't have title yet) Baja California and Mexico
Here's the question: I've recently purchased a 1995 BMW 1100 GS from a dealer whose been having some paperwork issues; I still haven't received the printed registration nor title and can't expect it for three more days. However, I am planning on crossing the border into Mexico tomorrow with merely the written paper registration form he gave me during the sale. Will they need to see the title once the border authorities see is a handwritten bill of sale? Also, I hear that Baja is pretty much Southern California and it's quite common to go through the border without any troubles but I'm planning on actually exciting the southern border of Mexico on my trip, do I need to fill out some form that promises to take the bike out of Mexico (i.e. Carnet)?

Has anyone done the La Paz to Mazatlan ferry? Do they require a motorcycle visa or anything, or is it merely a Mexico to Mexico deal that is not checked by authorities?


petefromberkeley 13 Feb 2007 19:04

Baja is very accesible, but only for a few miles. You won't have any trouble as long as you don't go south of Ensenada, but there is a checkpoint at Guererro Negro where you probably will have problems. I can tell you how to ride around that checkpoint, but you will still have problems getting across the southern border. And if you get stopped anywhere along the way, it could be pretty serious. I'd say wait for the title and get the vehicle registration form on the way into Baja.

mollydog 13 Feb 2007 19:07

Man, really going fast and loose on this!!

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