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mika 7 Jan 2012 17:08

Need a scan of Temp. Import Doc. Mexico !!
Hola viajeros en moto,

we need a scan of the Temporary Import Document for Mexico.

Pls contact us over email for more details if you can scan your document.

Muchas gracias


mika 8 Jan 2012 17:25

nobody ?
nobody riding in Mexico with a TIP at the moment ?


chris 8 Jan 2012 19:26

IMO, a post over on Advrider and/or Thumpertalk, explaining why you want it, is much more likely to produce a quick result.


markharf 8 Jan 2012 20:58

Chris is right. Accent on "explaining why you want it." ADVrider's Latin America forum.


mika 9 Jan 2012 16:40

temp. import paper Mexico

yes, Mark and Chris you are right, but I dont use the other forums ...

Florian, the German that had his bike stolen in La Paz (BC) Mexico needs this scan ...


so, I will tell him to post in the other forums, maybe it is easier to find it there.

Saludos de Salta

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