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01drf 5 Jan 2008 15:15

Motorcycle federation of Russia
:welcome: Hi, can anyone tell me if I need an invite from the Motorcycle Federation of Russia to take my bike thier?


Ps. I've also seen a thread where you need to have a translated copy of my driving licence (for entering Russia) with me, is this true or not? I've sent an email to the DVLA asking if this is the case, and where, or how this can be done if it is the case... will post reply.

PPs. DVLA were of no use... didn't know what I was taking about? Russian embassy said I don't need an invite from motoring federation and that my V5 form has Russian Language on it... and so it does!!!!

kinvig 8 Jan 2008 08:51

With regards to the driver's licence, you'll need an International Driving Permit.

They cost £5.50 & you can get them at some post offices (there's a list on their website as to which ones do it).

You'll need a passport sized photo, the photocard & the paper bit for your driver's licence and also another form of ID (i.e. a credit card).

Haven't heard of needing an invite from the Motorcycle Federation of Russia. I hope not!

Tony P 8 Jan 2008 11:05


The only 'invitation' needed in the process of visiting Russia, is the Invitation when applying for a Visa for yourself - assuming your home Citizenship requires a Visa.

Once you have a Visa you can go. All you need is your Passport. If riding/driving the minimum documentation you NEED is:-
Driving Licence - original
International Driving Permit - it includes a page in Russian. Google 'International Driving Permit' for details.
Registration Document for vehicle - original. With Letter of Authority from Registered Owner/Keeper if not yourself.
Insurance certificate issued by a Russian company - obtainable at borders prior to entering. Cost me £32 for 3 months on a motorbike. This is necessary irrespective of cover provided by your own insurance. Police and Border checks only recognise a Russian insurance certificate.
100-200 Roubles (about £2-£4) in cash for the Temporary Import Certificate they will issue, that you will have to carry with the vehicle. This is recognised by Police as a local Registration Document.

On entry you also receive a Migration Card and should use this with your Passport to get Registration within 3 working days, at any addresses you stay at.

In Russia -
- ALWAYS carry on your person your Passport, Migration Card and Registration.

- ALWAYS have with you, if out with the vehicle, the Temporary Import Cert, Driving Licence, International Driving Permit, and Russian Insurance Cert. These will satisfy the many DPS (Road Police) stops you will encounter - happens to all roadusers, Russian or foreign, especially if on a bike.

PaulM 8 Jan 2008 12:46

Registration documents
It's also a good idea (I am told) to take a translated copy of your registration document.
This can be bought from the AA.
I'll give you the address when we talk.

Tony P 8 Jan 2008 17:47

The guys on borders generally know their way round V5 Registration Documents. They are all in the same format ithroughout all EU member states. I took a translation of the titles of the key numbered entries (provided by 'her indoors') but this translation was totally ignored when I twice entered and twice left Russia by bike this summer (07). The only check was comparing the rear number plate with the V5 although one looked at the entry 2 wheels and asked me to demonstrate this!!

The border customs issue the Temperary Import Certificate which is in Russian and is all any DPS (Roads Police) were ever interested in or wanted to see, in about 40 Road Checks/stops during 2+ months. It is the equivalent of the official Vehicle Identity Card that must be carried on/in all Russian registered vehicles. Even one particularly unfriendly and hostile cop was pacified by this document and gave up on his attempts to extract a bribe from me.

I will, a little later tonight, try to post here my translations on the headings on the V5 - assuming I can post here in Cyrillic symbols.

01drf 9 Jan 2008 21:55

Well, cheers for all the info Tony, has eased my concerns and queries... and Pete I will get round to downloading your route (vista home p, doesn't have exl, needs to be downloaded!!!) and calling. Like I said, as I've brought this all forward by a year and means getting a##e in gear. :rolleyes2:


Tony P 11 Jan 2008 16:51

V5 Russian translation
I've not forgotten the V5 Russian translation - I cant find it in my PC records at the monent and the Cyrillic keyboard has been playing up.
We will redo it over the weekend and post it here.

If you want any more info or a chat, feel free to PM me with a phone number or direct Email address.
I visit Russia 5 or 6 times a year and last summer took a bike through the Baltic states to Russia, down to the Caspian Sea, Black Sea and back, mostly via the way I came but with 'extras' detours. 10,000 miles. Only problem was a pannier rail bolt shook out somewhere on a very long boneshaking unmade mountain road in the Caucuses - 16 roubles (8p) for a replacement!

01drf 16 Jan 2008 20:09

Once again, thanks Tony and Pete... Russia is now clear... China is becoming a pest... well the part about booking a guide and paperwork required... nothing's simple in this life!!! :confused1:


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