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ReeceNZ 21 Sep 2011 22:03

Motorcycle Express Insurance
Has anyone bought this policy recently, made a claim on it recently?

We're considering it right now but unsure what the set up is. All we have to work from is a website and a really old application form.

Can anyone confirm they're paid out and assisted on previous occasions?

We'll be traveling in South America.



dstehouwer 23 Sep 2011 15:35

we had their insurance when driving through the USA, reasonalble prices I have to admit and they replied to all our emails.
We never had an accident, o I don't know how they act when they have to pay.

We left the USA before the insurace ended, and got a (surprisingly high) refund check, very cool. Had to ask for it a few times, but they sent it to Europe at no costs.

We are now also checking the costs for their S-A insurance, wouldn't hesitate to sign up with them. But again, never had an accident!
Ask for 'Gail Goodman', she is really helpful

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