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duffyduck 12 Jun 2009 22:09

mongolian invitation
hi there!
i just failed in aquiring the mongolian visa because i had no invitation. i found some travel agencies that would supply the invitation on an expensive booking for a travel, trip whatever.

but i´m riding on my motorbike and don´t need any travel bookings or trips.

can anybody tell me how to get easily an uncomplicated invitation letter?

many thanks in advance, matthias

Chris of Japan 16 Jun 2009 07:15

I have never heard of anyone needing an invite for a tourist visa.
Did you apply for longer than 30 days?
I think you can get a visa without invite if you are only there for less than 30 days. Couple of guys from the UK got Mongolian visas in Tokyo recently without an invitation.

stickysidedown 2 Jul 2009 10:36

if its a tourist visa (30 days but you can extend 30 days more once in mongolia) then an invite is not neccessary, in the invitation details I didnt know what to put so the staff at the mongolian embassy in warsaw just wrote 'hotel' for me and processed it within a half hour, very helpful and friendly and given we turned up without application forms - painless as they lent us their desks and PC's to fill in online form.:thumbup1:

This was last friday BTW

hopefully best 60 euros I've ever spent:clap:

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