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dirtydeeds 4 Feb 2007 19:05

Mexico problems.
I signed into Mexico with the bike. I left through Bethal, where there is no transport department to sign out. The Mexican Government still thinks my bike is there. They have my Visa (credit card) number.

Does anyone know what will happen with this beauracracy?
I am in Nicaragua now and don't want to return to Mexico to give them a little sticker.

I think my option is to cancel my credit card and not return to Mexico for awhile. Any recommendations?


Lone Rider 4 Feb 2007 22:40

If I read you correctly: Neither you nor the bike checked out of Mexico and your permits are still valid?
If this is correct, you just ride across the border back into Mexico on your return leg, no need to even stop.
Or are you not going back through Mexico on that bike?

dirtydeeds 5 Feb 2007 14:05

There was an immigration department, so I signed out. There was no transport dept. My bike did not sign out. I showed the girl in immigration my vehicle documents and she had no clue what they were.

And I won't be going back through Mexico.

k7lro 5 Feb 2007 17:01

My suggestion would be to hit the nearest or next Mexican consulate and seek their help. They may be able to validate that you and the bike are out enough to satisfy the process.

dirtydeeds 6 Feb 2007 15:13

I'll check in Panama City. Thanks. I also emailed the canadian embassy (my embassy) to see if they can help.

I don't recommend crossing in Bethal. It's also 400 pesos for the little boat to bring you to Guatemala. Not worth the hassle.

Mr. Ron 6 Feb 2007 20:07

Hey! You said you were leaving today! Is Leon really all that great?? Well, like we discused before over beers, you will be extremely lucky if an embassy can help you. From everything i've researched on this topic, the only answer i've found is to arrive at the mexican Aduana (customs) and have them stamp out the bike. If your worried about them getting cash from your credit card, report it stolen and have the company ship you a new one. Hope i'm wrong and there's an easy answer, Mexico is a great place to ride, and you will want to return on a bike.
See you down south!

dirtydeeds 7 Feb 2007 14:35

I am thinking of cancelling my card, but I am hoping someone may have an easy way to do this.

Still in Leon. The 76 Norwegian ladies here make for some good parties at night.

I am sure I'll be seeing you again, in Panama or Columbia. I forget - did you say you were going to Peru as well?


mollydog 7 Feb 2007 19:17

They will reverse it.

Good luck, don't worry about your CC, they won't bill it.

dirtydeeds 8 Feb 2007 14:41


Thanks for the assurance.

I did get in touch with my consulate. They have tried to help people do this before. The Mexican gov did not help. As you said, F#@k'em.


Mr. Ron 10 Feb 2007 01:56

...off topic. We're in Costa Rica today a tomar del sol :) I'll see you in Panama, keep in touch and we'll head to Peru together.

mac19406 10 Feb 2007 04:13

Don't cancel the card...
Yeah, don't cancel the card. Just dispute the charge with your credit card company. They will reverse the charge. After all Mexico would charge you for not taking the motorcycle out of the country and you can prove to your credit card company that you did; therefore, no reason for the charge on your credit card.

Good luck.

dirtydeeds 11 Feb 2007 17:39


I am crossing in Union, north of the Pan american. Its a great ride up the mountain. I hear there are less people at this crossing as well.

I don´t know if I´ll make Panama City today. Should be there on the 12th for sure.


Mr. Ron 12 Feb 2007 02:47

Jeff, PM'ed you... :)

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