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ampr1150gs 26 Feb 2006 19:37

Madaam Motors Delhi
Hi, I arrived in Delhi last night and checked out Madaam Motors and Inder Motors in Karol Bagh today.

Inder Motors was a bit reluctant to deal with me as I haven't got an International Driving permit (never needed it before..), although he did tell me to go back and see him on Tues.

Madaan Motors seemed pretty decent to. They offered to sell me a 2nd hand 500cc Bullet for 60,000 rupee (just over 700 GBP), they'll "restore" it and buy it back in 6 months for 60% of cost.

Has anyone ever dealt with Madaan and do you recommend them.


poldete 19 Jul 2006 08:59

Last year I bought a norton big4 to Arun Madaan in Delhi. It had to be restored and shipped to Spain. I was told this would aproximately take a few months (the bike was pretty well, no big repairs).
The truth is it has finally taken over a year (!!!!) to send the bike, after having to phone him weekly to delhi, writing hundreds of emails and receiving deceiting answers such as "no problem sir, tomorrow I will...bla,bla,bla..."
The bike has been sent, but not yet arrived, so I cannot comment on how/what arrives.
What I can definately say is that had i known it would be like this i would have NEVER bought the bike. Once you give the money Arun doesn't give a shit about you. He is completely careless and a blunt liar. I think his father can be trusted but unfortunately the one who rules the business now is Arun ...
in short, DON'T TRUST ARUN.

Nigel Marx 19 Jul 2006 09:48

I ca highly recommend Inder Motors. I hired a bike for three weeks but changed travel plans and returned the bike after 2 weeks and one day, not expecting any refund, but when he came to my hotel to collect the bike (i was expecting to have to return it) he gave me the amount back for the unused days! Can't ask for better than that.


Nigel in NZ

davidsblakeslee 29 Jul 2006 03:10

guy's a thief
I'm curious to know how things have worked out with Madaan Motors.
I bought a bike from the guy in 2004 and was told I would be receiving it in three to six months. A year and a half later I still haven't received it. The guy keeps putting me off with bull shit about how it's been sent, but there were shipping problems, and now everything's fine. But then when I ask for the shipping information he never responds, and of course the bike never comes.
Now I've got a guy in Delhi working on it for me, and he's going through the police. Hopefully, things will get resolved pretty soon.
Please contact me. I want to hear how things turned out.

davidsblakeslee 29 Oct 2006 02:32

website for Madaan Motors
This is David again. I have recently created a website warning people about Madaan Motors. The guy is a complete thief and hopefully this will prevent people from making the same mistake I made.
Check out the site and if you're interested maybe I could post your story on here too.

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