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Sheikyabooty 5 Aug 2007 07:13

License plates for different countries?
Is there any need for different license plates for various countries? I heard of one guy carrying around 3-4 different plates, is this needed and if so how do you go about this?



ZenSlo 6 Aug 2007 18:04

Only in China.
So far (after 100 countries) the only one that has insisted on a "new" number plate is China.

AliBaba 6 Aug 2007 19:00

We had to carry extra licence plates from Qatar to Europe.
The reason was that European countries insisted that the plates should have “European” letters and numbers, which the plates from Qatar didn’t have.

I can’t remember what UAE-plates look like..

Chris of Japan 7 Aug 2007 05:18

Some countries issue out-of-country plates if the regular domestic plates don't have latin alphabet characters.
This is how it is done for Japan:
Japanese license plates : Out of Country

The Convention on Road Traffic requires that plates be displayed in Latin characters and Arabic numerals, I believe. Contact your Auto Club for details.
I switched my regular Japanese plates to out-of-country plates at the port and left the regular ones at home.

Sheikyabooty 7 Aug 2007 06:10

much appreciated... It makes sense, the plates from dubai have roman numerals so i think we are cool there. Just a a thought, do you think I would have trouble in the US with UAE plates as there is arabic written on them? I know it sounds a bit paranoid, but after hearing so many stories about airports it just made me think, maybe getting some plates for the US.

Bill Ryder 7 Aug 2007 16:49

Paranoid plates
I have a few extra montana permanent plates. Of course if a cop stops you without the right plate for the registration it's gets expensive. Most people won't even notice your plate. Put a few stickers on the bike and you will be engaged in conversation with the locals longer than you have time for. Right here in Helena Mt. we have a civic center that is done in moorish style complete with minaret.

Tigerboy 7 Sep 2007 19:56

I have never seen a plate with Arabic writing in the US. I think as long as they have Western characters, that will be fine, but the customs clearance/control people who will ultimately let your bike in will decide. You should contact authorities in that department at the port of entry you plan to use.

To answer rukitamo's hijack, it's very simple. You don't mention your country, but regardless, insurance companies in general will first look at your driving record, the type of vehicle you are driving, and secondary things like credit ratings, age, criminal record and marriage status.

There's no problem at all with your son's situation. Just get insurance immediately because it's illegal to drive without it. The only thing you'll find is that without any history of having insurance in the past may result in somewhat higher premiums, but a clean driving record and a valid driver's license is far more important.

Hope that helps :)

Emad Younan 8 Sep 2007 21:16

car plates

In Egypt, if you are entering thru Aswan, you take egyptian plates

if you are shipping your car from Alexandria, you deliver the plates
taken from aswan there.

For any info or help for customs procedures in Alexandria (egypt)
or Aswan,

Pls do not hesitate to contact me.

Your carnet de passage should include egypt.


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