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kito 10 Mar 2010 23:49

leaving a bike in Lima Peru
does any one know if it is possible to fly out of Peru for a few months leaving the bike in LIma and then come back to carry on with my trip ? Also is it possible to come back on a one way flight and just show the bike import papers as proof of onward travel? thanks for any advice

kito 17 Mar 2010 18:04

i have looked in my passport and i dont think the is anything about the bike so i should be ok to leave but what happens when i come to ride out the country and my tempory import is a few month out of date ? could i loose my bike?

jamesobrady 28 Jun 2011 20:06

Yes you can lose your bike, and/or have to pay a fine if it runs over the temporary import period. It is stated on the paperwork you sign when you enter the country, in spanish, but there should be some numbers telling you what the fine is related to the value of the bike.

Am currently stuck in Lima with a dead bike exploring my options.....

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