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Martin Alexander 20 Nov 2008 01:40

Latest Ecuador/carnet info needed
When I and my bike entered Ecuador by air in 2006 no carnet was needed. Has this changed? Is a carnet now needed for air entry? Land entry? I am from the USA.

stbarnett 20 Nov 2008 15:12

No carnet needed for Ecuador
I entered Ecuador last month. No carnet needed. There were a couple of Germans ahead of me who insisted that the customs officer look at their carnets ('We paid 10k Euros for these and we are going to use them). It probably took them 10 minutes less in terms of getting the paperwork done, but I had absolutely no problem. The carnet requirement was done away with about 3 or 4 years ago. If you do a search you can find the exact citation for the legislation. I carried a copy of the notice saying no carnet needed just in case, but didn't have to use it.

DLbiten 21 Nov 2008 02:40

No carnet in any of the Americas. but you may need insurance now.

Chris Cowper 27 Nov 2008 06:45

No Carnet Required
No Carnet has been required since September 21st 2004. Quote Article 82/82, Decree 158/2082 in their lawbook.


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