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davel1001 11 Aug 2011 20:01

Latest Croatian insurance info
Hi from Serbia!

Me and my buddy came into Serbia today from Romania and insurance at the border wasn't available to buy. I think we were lucky and one of the immigration officers organised a lady to come to the checkpoint and she gave us one months insurance for 85 euro. Our next stop is Croatia in a few days and our question is is Croatian insurance available at the border? The info seems to have changed over time judging from search results. We will be on the main Belgrade to Zagreb route.

Thanks and regards!


P.s. The riding and scenery on the Danube just in Serbia from Romania is amazing!!

davel1001 12 Aug 2011 17:38

So just did the crossing, Serbia-Croatia on the E70 Belgrade to Zagreb. They wanted passport only, took 10 minutes!

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