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Hans Bo 23 Jun 2008 14:04

Iraq/Kurdistan Entryregulations with Vehicle

I am currently planning our journey from Germany to Turkey by car.
Since the security situation in northern Iraq/ Kurdistan is relatively good I am contemplating a detour to this region. There seems to be quite some travellers in Arbil etc.

As far as I know a Visa for Northern Iraq are easily available at the land border with Turkey (Please correct me if my Information is outdated).

But what are the entry regulations for a European registered vehicle?
Do they stamp the vehicle in your passport?
Do you have to pay a deposit or fee?
Do you need a local document for temporary import?
Is Insurance available?
What are the costs involved?

To make it clear: I do not have suicidal tendencies, I have been in the middle east before and I am aware that the security situation varies form place to place in the Kurdish Region. Therefore we will of course inform ourselves about the security situation before we actually enter the region.

Thanks Hans

richiefinger 10 Mar 2010 10:22

Hans, Did you go on your trip? I'm planning the same.
Wondered if anyone has any fresh info on this?
Car or Bike
Many Thanks Richie

Hans Bo 11 Mar 2010 07:24

Hi Richie,
thank you for your question.
The answer is:

I cancelled the trip because
a) I did not get of from work during spring 2009
b) I did not have satisfying information on the entry regulations for a European registered vehicles (one of my options was to sell the car in Kurdish Irak)

And therefore I went to West Africa in the last winter instead.

The only information I gathered in 2008 was that some Germans had to deposit their passports at the border between Turkey and Iraq when they entered Kurdish Iraq with their mobile homes.
I got this piece of information of this website( sorry only in German):
Iran, Irak & Türkei 2008 – n48e11.de

I guess (but I do not know) that there is an other kind of regulation in place, since Kurdish Iraq has seen quite in inflow of tourists. Pleas post any recent Information you gathered regarding the question of entry regulations.



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