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bmwpd 21 May 2003 20:47

Iranvisa in Islamabad ?
Hi everyone,
has anyone a idea if it`s possible to get a Iranvisa in Islamabad and how long it will take ? I know in Dehli it takes 2 days for a Transitvisa.
Save travels

Werner 22 May 2003 06:42

Hi BM,
If you have a chance to get your Iranvisa in Delhi, get it there. Islamabad is notoriously slow. In 1999 it took 21 days of waiting for my visa. I'm a Canadian citizen, and had to produce a letter of support from the Canadian Embassy in Islamabad. The same waiting period applies here in Canada (Ottawa), and also in Beijing, as I personally found out. Best to get your visa before leaving home (New Zealand??) But beware: Iranian visas a valid for three months only from date of issue, and they cannot be simply renewed if outdated. The whole process has to be restarted from scratch, including the long wait. I think they send the application to Tehran by camel express.

bmwpd 22 May 2003 16:18

Thanks Werner,
sounds like I will go to Dehli then even if I`am not looking forward to that but 2 days is much better than 21 days waiting.
Thanks Andre

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