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woofleboofe 24 Sep 2012 11:31

Iran Visa for Australians, Americans, Canadians etc. lol

So, after hearing good things about the Trabzon Iran consulate, in turkey. I went there. But, I asked the woman, and they will not issue visas to Australians, Americans, Canadians, English (and probably new zealand, but i didn't ask). That is, without a reference number. Grrr....

So, for us... it is of no use to go to Trabzon... you still need the reference number.

That said, for everyone else, as of September 2012, they are still getting visas in one day. They turn up at 10am, and get it at 4pm.

So now im trying to get that dam reference number... expensive...
Im using a company touranvisa... they seem okay for now.. 35 euros..

dakaralex 5 Oct 2012 21:00


We (I'm German and my gf is Russian) went to Iran consulat today in the morning and got our 15 days visa in the afternoon without problems!
It was just very expensive. 75€ for me and 90€ for my gf...:(

But we are happy that we got it!! :mchappy:

By the way? Are you still in the area around Trabzon???

We will leave from here to Erzerum the day after tomorrow! If you want to meet give us a call + 90 5078327835

Ciao Alex

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