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Dave from NZ 13 Mar 2001 14:47

Insurance and associated costs in UK
Just planning a trip to the UK late july, getting the shipping of R11GS sorted. I need some contact to get insured in the UK, also travelling around Europe, whats the procedure for cover in these countries? What is a green card? Please list anything that I may miss (necessary documents). I would be grateful of any help.
Regards, Dave

Susan Johnson 16 Mar 2001 02:24

Dave - a green card is the proof of insurance used in Europe. Least hassle way to obtain is from ADAC, the German Automobile Association. They sell third party insurance on a monthly basis for foreign registered vehicles.

ADAC Geschäftsstelle & Reisebüro
Jahnstr. 26
88214 Ravensburg-Germany
Mirjam Gründler
Tel.: 0751-3616811
E-mail: mirjam.gruendler@wtb.adac.de

Miriam speaks good English, and she arranged our green card insurance for Europe before we arrived, then renewed it for us by phone (I think they require fax of credit card details now). As of Jan/2001, they are still in this business.

You might also ask your NZ insurance company about green card insurance for Europe, or indeed whether they will cover you for UK or Europe for comprehensive liability, etc.

Susan Johnson
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moderationmike 5 Feb 2002 21:06

www.downunderinsurance.co.uk will do a policy for tourists in the UK. They definitely fill a gap in the market because trying to get insurance without being resident for years and having a UK address is a nightmare here.

Hope this helps.


Cameron 10 Feb 2002 01:27

I recieved an email from Mirjam at ADAC in Germany. For basic third party liability motorcycle insurance the price is $22 EURO per month + $5 EURO for s+h. The insurance is sent to you 1 month prior to starting and is valid only for the following countries:
Great Britian
I am trying to find out about Greece,Turkey,and Iran, which "should" all have green card coverage.

p.s. just talked to a friend who said if insurance is needed in these countries you can buy it at the border, but it might just be expensive paper and not be any good.

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Jasper 18 Feb 2002 15:21

We are not on a bike but in a 4x4, but still need insurance.

Our insurer, National Farmers Union, have issued a further Green Card for Tunisia and Turkey. We have 3rd party in Tunisia and fully comp for Turkey. The normal insurance covers us for all other European countries including Eastern Europe not in EU.

We have taken out further insurance with Campbell Irvine for damage, theft, fire of our car in all other countries. This cost GBP 800 for 6 months but at least gives us peace of mind should the worst happen. Campbell Irvine doesn't seem to mind about previous insurance or residence, but check first.


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