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Loxley 23 Jul 2004 23:15

How many countries in Latin America force their own insuranc
Hi guys

I am wondering, do any of you know how many countries in Latin America that force you to buy an insurance when you enter their country (even though you have an international one). I know that Mexico does, but further south I am not sure.
If you can inform me of that, and of prices as well, I would be grateful.


Arne Bomblies 25 Jul 2004 21:24

Mexico and Belize. I can't remember exact prices for Mexico but it doesn't cost too much- a few dollars per day, and it's very easy to buy at borders. I didn't go to Belize but I think it's comparable there. Nowhere else on the PanAm route is it necessary, incl. SA.

navegante 28 Jul 2004 14:12

México, Belize, Argentina, Chile, Brasil and Uruguay require insurance 'contra terceros'. (against others) I am not sure if other countries in Central or South America require this insurance. I'm checking and if I will post any info I receive.- Anyhow I recommend to take this insurance in every country and avoid all the problems an accident carries. It doesn´t cost to much.- In Chile it costs around US$30.- for 1 year, and you can buy it for the time you will transit thru the country.

Arne Bomblies 29 Jul 2004 01:43

To clear up any possible confusion- Navegante you are of course correct to recommend getting the contra terceros insurance if it's written in the law of the countries you list, however the answer to the original question is that no other countries *force* it on you at the border, i.e. you won't get in without it. That's only the case for Mexico (and as far as I know Belize). I never got insurance anywhere it wasn't mandatory- but I also never got in an accident. I was not asked for proof of insurance anywhere except Mexico.

mattpope 29 Jul 2004 05:21

Countries where I had to buy insurance recently were:

Mexico, Belize, Nicragua and Costa Rica.

I did not have an international insurance policy though.

navegante 29 Jul 2004 06:41

Venezuela also.-
I understand, YOU ARE NOT FORCE TO... but you must have it. You are not force to have a driving license, at least inmigration does not ask for it when you cross the border, but you must have one in order to drive in any country. The same goes to the insurance contra terceros. If a Carabinero stops you in Chile, having an accident or not, and if you have travelled in Chile you know that there are retenes on all the way, he will ask for your papers: you must show him the drivers license, the car or bike papers, your pasport (for extranjeros) and the insurance.

maja 29 Jul 2004 22:56

Hi People, reference insurance in S.America, can you buy it at the border like entering Mexico from the USA or do you have to go looking? Ride safe, Maja.

Bolton Wanderer 17 Sep 2004 05:07

Just been through all Cent Am and the only country that required me to take their insurance was Costa Rica - you absolutely cannot get an import without it. We do Belize on the way back so ask again in a couple of months.

Worst thing is that there is no transit visa availabl for Honduras and so you have to pay out 41 dollars just to cross it (2 hours)

Last year we did the whole of S America using our medical insurance document

Lone Rider 25 Nov 2004 07:05

Mexico does not require insurance.
Belize did in '99.

Peta & Verka 27 Nov 2004 09:05

We did not need the insurance in Mexico 7 months ago.We did in Belize a month later, dont remeber how much. Then Nicaragua - $12, and Costa Rica- $13. Dont know about South America yet :-)
Ride safe.

JTA 9 Dec 2004 22:32

ANY motor vehicle in Colombia has to have a SOAT (Seguro Obligatorio de Accidentes de Tránsito, transit accidens cumpulsory insurance).
Good news: covers you and third parties against injuries for about US$70/year, can be subscribed for a shorter term, and is quite easy to find
Bad news: Your bike can be impound if you don´t have it with you

markwitteman 9 Dec 2004 22:59

I was just in central america and there are 2 countries where you have to buy insurance
belize: US$9 per day
costa rica : about US$ 10 for 3 months
hope this will help,

cdveston 24 Feb 2005 20:56

We bought bikes in Venezuela and never bought insurance (which was ungodly expensive when we asked). To get the bikes out of Venezuela we paid a bribe, about $75 per bike (is it against the rules of this board to admit to paying bribes?). No one in Brazil ever asked for insurance. At Brasilia we called the Paraguayan and Argentinian embassies and asked if we need insurance. They both said that we didn't. We drove into Argentina at Igauzu and exited at Posadas, insurance never requested. We asked at the border of Paraguay if we needed insurance, they said no. Leaving Paraguay we got stopped and the cop demanded insurance papers, which we didn't have. Bribe $15 a bike (can I post this?). Entering Argentina again, we asked if we need insurance, they said no. Now, at Formasa, the cops are demanding insurance papers and assure as that they will be requested by every police we encounter. We've visited local insurance companies and no one will insure our bikes.

What insurance have others carried through Argentina and Chile? They keep holding up some Mecosur paper that requires all countries (Brazil, Uraguay, Argentina, Chile?) to demand insurance on visiting vehicles.

Any advice? (also see other post 24 February)
thanks, Chris

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