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bikerfromsark 24 Jan 2007 14:48

How can I do this???
Hey all
does anyone have the answere to this question? After riding my bike to Cape town this year, I want to keep it in South Africa while I go to uni there. as I understand to redeam my Carnet (thaking east coast route Egypt Sudan etc...) I have to return the bike to the UK. I obiously don't want to fly the bike to UK get a stamp then fly the bike back again and import it in to South Africa! So is it possable to import the bike to SA and then end the Carnet there? or will have I just need to keep renewing the Carnet each year for my 3 year course (sound expensive).
Cheers George Guille

ClassicCruiser 24 Jan 2007 15:26

Once you have imported the bike into SA the carnet is no longer required - it's purpose is to ensure that you either pay the the import duty or remove the bike from the country. I'm sure someone from SA can advise you on the import duty, alternatively ask customs. Make sure you drop the value as much as you can without being too cheeky.

bikerfromsark 24 Jan 2007 17:05

Hi Steve
Thanks, so I don't have to return the bike to the UK to finnish the Carnet? I wiil still be able to get a full refund? Sounds good, I guess there won't be much need to lie about the cost of the bike, It'l proably be shagged and worth a fiver!
Thanks George

Bossies 29 Jan 2007 14:47


Motorcycle imports

Motorcycles are not covered by the MIDP as virtually no manufacturing of motorcycles and parts are taking place in SA. Motorcycles attract a 0% import duty, but an ad valorem customs duty of 5% on motorcycles with an engine capacity between 200cc and 800cc and 10% above 800cc, is leviable. In the order of 9 500 motorcycles and 5 500 quadracycles are imported into SA on an annual basis. SA hosts a World Superbike event at Kyalami as well as a MotoGP annually. The Association of Motorcycle Importers and Distributors (AMID) and the Motorcycle Dealers’ Association (MDA) represent the interest of the motorcycle industry in the domestic market. The relevant contact persons at these associations are Mr. Arnold Olivier at contact number +27 (11) 448-2375 and Ms. Claire Patterson at contact number +27 (11) 789-2542, respectively.

Once you have imprted the bike into SA you simply post off the proof of payment of duty to RAC and they will refund your money. Just get a local bike shop to value your bike although be worned bikes are more expensive in SA than here so it might be worth your while to get a valuation here before you leave. Bikes have high 2nd hand value in SA (even ones dragged through Africa).

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