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peter-denmark 26 Apr 2008 17:07

Here is where you get the cheap european green card insurance
For some reason noone post these things so here I go:

Green card insurance for europe can be obtained from Knopf tours and ADAC fx. BUT both get it from ARISA assurances which is a swiz or something.

Here is the mail I got from them:


Dear Mr Kongsbak,

It is possible to submit you a third party liability insurance, the Frontier Insurance (Grenzversicherung).

The rate is: 22,00€/month.

[FONT='Calibri','sans-serif']Therefore we will be pleased if you can transfer us your payment for an amount of 132€ by bank credit transfer to the enclosed indicated account: [/FONT]

Kontonr. 0038/4021-4
IBAN: LU30 0019 0038 4021 4000
Banque et Caisse d'Epargne de l'Etat.

As soon as we receive your payment we will transfer you the insurance policy by post.

We will be pleased if you let us know your travel dates, your complete address and transfer us the registration papers of your car and a copy of your identification card.

For further questions do not hesitate to contact us.

Best regards,

Jorge Terrao

Arisa Assurances S.A

His mail is: J.Terrao(attt siiggn)arisa(the dot)lu

ARISA Assurances S.A. - Luxembourg

ARISA Assurances S.A.
Goldbell Center
5, rue Eugène Ruppert
L-2453, Luxembourg

Tel:00352 26 29 40 1
Fax:00352 26 29 40 40

E-Mail: info@arisa.lu

chris 2 May 2008 11:05

Hi Peter
Sent you a PM/email.

JMo (& piglet) 7 May 2008 00:49

Done up like a kipper...
Yep, I wish I'd known that before I paid Knopf Tours €330 for the same bloody thing...

I did query it with them once I got my paperwork and saw my six month cover actually only cost €132.00... but I'd already paid (by bank transfer) and the paperwork was sent out...

€200.00 extra is quite frankly obscene for 'administration costs'...


Hey ho.


Tigerboy 31 May 2008 17:43

Could an admin or moderator make this a sticky, otherwise this valuable info is just going to get lost on this forum


beddhist 2 Jul 2008 17:24

Yes, if Peter actually gets his Green Card by email I think this is the answer to many a FAQ.

Stephano 2 Jul 2008 21:34


Originally Posted by beddhist (Post 196981)
Yes, if Peter actually gets his Green Card by email I think this is the answer to many a FAQ.

I'm currently waiting for mine to be posted (as soon as my bank transfer clears) and have also requested a scan by e-mail (instead of a fax). I'll let you know if Mr Terrao is happy to do that.

markharf 2 Jul 2008 22:29

I'm on the verge of buying, too, and would be interested in hearing as soon as you get any indication that something substantial is happening. I get a bit nervous wiring money directly to bank accounts on faraway continents! One advantage, real or illusory, to Knopf is that I can send a check in US dollars to a US address....plus lots of folks have dealt with him before, including in person.



bobkat 3 Jul 2008 12:56

We flew our bike from Vancouver, Canada to Frankfurt, Germany in 2006. We flew into Frankfurt, took the S-bahn (train) downtown and went into the ADAC office (German auto club) with our paperwork for the bike. Bought green card insurance for 22 Euros a month. We took the S-bahn back to the airport and went to Customs, got the bike signed in and rode off into Europe. Everytime since then when we pass through Germany we get enough more to cover us until the next time. Simple and cheap.

Stephano 10 Jul 2008 22:11


Originally Posted by markharf (Post 197027)
I'm on the verge of buying, too, and would be interested in hearing as soon as you get any indication that something substantial is happening.

I received the scans of the documents as soon as Jorge Terrao received the money. The actual documents are being sent to our specified address. Everything OK, buy with confidence.

markharf 18 Jul 2008 03:34

Stephano and Peter,

Did you get your green cards as promised? Any glitches?

Thanks for your response.


Gecko 18 Jul 2008 10:55

Green Card = third party (TP) liability insurance (unless I am mistaken) In which case these guys are offering this at a better price than I can buy domestic green card third party liability insurance in Belgium. I just had a quote from my insurance for basic TP cover for € 310.54 which is about 200% more than last year and a total rip off.
Have I misunderstood something here ? Is there any reason I can't just get my insurance from them ?

beddhist 19 Jul 2008 06:25

Since you are in Belgium at home you are in a better position to answer your own question than anybody else. Seems Belgians, like the French, are still being ripped off by their insurers. Two years ago I insured a BMW R100GS for about 50 Euro/year.

We are talking about third party cover only here, aren't we?

In Germany you couldn't use Arissa Insurance, because insurance is tightly coupled to rego, i.e. you have to show govt. approved cover before you can register your vehicle.

bunyip01 23 Jul 2008 06:50

G'day all, have contacted ARISA,( Jorge),to ask if they could supply me with Greencard insurance for travelling through Europe. He replied; " It is only possible to supply you a third party liability insurance, the Frontier Insurance, valid only in Europe (EC)".
I'm getting confused here, isn't that exactly what I'm looking for, to ride legally in Europe? ( Flying to Jordan next week so I'm pretty keen to get this sorted!).:confused1:
Cheers Boot.

markharf 25 Jul 2008 22:36

I just PM-ed Peter-Denmark and Stephano asking again for confirmation that they did actually succeed in getting insurance from Arisa. I do not otherwise want to wire transfer money with the need to go down to my bank in person plus pay the fees.

Can anyone report that they received their Euro insurance in this way?

Thanks much!


PanEuropean 26 Jul 2008 11:26

I have purchased third party liability (green card) insurance underwritten by Arisa many times in the last 6 years. It is purely liability insurance - meaning, it will pay the cost of fixing anything you hit with your motorcycle - it is not theft or collision insurance. Much like North America, you are required by law to have liability insurance to ride in Europe.

There are several ways to buy the policy that Arisa underwrites. What I most commonly do is go to an ADAC (German Automobile Club) office and buy the insurance there. It is offered over the counter, and the cost is about 22 Euro a month for a motorcycle. It's easy for me to do this because I usually fly into Switzerland - I can then use a company car to make the 1 hour trip to Germany, go to an ADAC office, and get the policy. Once I have it, I can legally ride my Canadian registered motorcycle.

I have also purchased the exact same Arisa insurance cover in the past from Knopf Tours. Knopf charges a markup (about another 20 Euro a month) to procure the insurance for you, but convenience sometimes justifies buying the insurance through Knopf. Unless you happen to have a friend who lives in Germany who is willing to go to an ADAC office with your paperwork and get the insurance for you ahead of time, Knopf is the next best way to get the insurance before you arrive in Europe.

Be aware, though, that it seems you can only buy a cumulative total of 12 months of insurance for any given vehicle (VIN number) during the life of the vehicle. I've shipped my moto back and forth to Europe numerous times over the past 6 years - this summer, when I went to buy insurance, ADAC informed me that Arisa had told them that they could only issue one more month of insurance for my bike. This question is still open - I am not sure if Arisa is aware that my moto goes back to Canada each year - I will have to write them and get some clarification about this.


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