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Newbiker 6 Feb 2012 15:54

HELP! Fecha VCTO Argentina
HELP! Fecha VCTO Argentina
Hello people;

I entered Ar January 2011 with a Motorcyle. Following a recent conversation with another motorcyclist I checked the Aduana document issued to me and there is a date VCTO for July 2011. During this year the bike has remained in the country even though I have gone abroad a few times.

What are the consequences of this and any constructive advice would be most apprecited.

When I arrived the controls at the frontier were not perfect and wonder if it would be possible to exit without publicising the issue, is that likely to create more problems than to solve them?http://baexpats.org/images/smilies/frown.gif

I can stay in Argentina longer for work/living purposes, but the problem does not go away if I need to go to CHile to sell the bike.

I am currently advised that the bike is likely to get seized or fined so heavily that it would not be worth paying.

Another option being mentioned is selling the bike for parts, or trying to negotiate at a small crossing.

Q: would this affect my insurance if I am in an accident?

this is very messy and sickening but price of lack of adequate planning - mi culpe!


skip 16 Feb 2012 20:14

serious problem
You have one very serious problem, i tryed to help a guy who had kept his BMW 650 in Argentina to long, they sized his bike and wanted 3x the imported rate for the bike plus a very heavy fine which ended up around $15000 US, he lost his bike but after a lot of hassle we did get his panniers back as they classed them as luggage, we found his bike in a customs warehouse parked next to another BMW650 and loads of smaller mopeds.
But there are ways around this depending on how much your bike is worth ie if its only worth $500us then say good by to it just lose it, tell any one who needs to know that it was stolen last year but because it was worth nothing you did not bother reporting it thats worse case. The other is to find a very out of the way border crossing make sure your bike looks like crap ie take as much off it as possable cover it in mud turn up late in the afternoon get your passport stamped and when they ask for the bike papers pat your pockets and tell them the papers have been lost or stolen turn your pockets out and make a big fuss, but have about $300us in cash small notes so it looks like a lot (more if you think your bike is worth) make sure the customs officer see's this.Your on your own after that you will have to blag it yoursell it worked for me and my partner we got two bike's out of the country and we managed not to have to pay any thing. But remember dont go any where near the major border crossing
If you get in touch with Javier and Sandra at Dakar Motos.com in Buenos Aires they may very well be able to help you more.

Good luck and please keep in touch with HU and let us know how it go's, don't give up. Skip

garmei 16 Feb 2012 22:00

Sounds Like a Plan!
Nothing helpful to add apart from a bump and a good luckbier

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