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Busseynm 2 Feb 2010 04:03

Green card insurance in Lisbon?
I will be flying my bike (US) registered into Lisbon and then traveling to Moroccco. I only need insurance for 2 days but I'm told it will be 110 euros for a month plus the cost of the wire transfer. Can the green card insurance be bought at the airport in Lisbon? and on the return can I buy green card insurance at the Spanish boarder on the return? or do I have to buy it before I leave home.

CourtFisher 3 Feb 2010 04:57

Lisbon airport ?: don't know from personal experience, but VERY unlikely, as so few US registered vehicles enter Europe thru Portugal.
(Re)-entering Spain from Morocco ?: don't know from personal experience, but VERY unlikely.

In addition to the 110 Euro/ month option, there's a marginally less expensive option for Euro Green Card here:
How does Non European Green Card Insurance work?
15 days - Euro 70

Unless someone can absolutely confirm an on-site Lisbon or Spanish border source, you really need to get it before leaving US--even if only for 2 days riding.

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