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Canard 9 Jun 2012 21:30

Flying from UK to Kenya - ending in Cape Town.... Carnet advice?
Here's a nice twist to the general requests I'd think...?

Been living in the UK (Permanent Resident) for just over a year. Possibly moving back to South Africa the end of 2012.. but really want to take my GSA with me (bought it over a year ago in the UK)

However due to time constraints etc. I thought of doing a short Southern Africa trip on the way down by Shipping or Flying the bike to Kenya, where some of my South African mates will join me with their bikes.
We will then ride back to Cape Town via Zambia & Namibia..........

So the Carnet is the question..... the bike is registered in the UK (V5) but will technically be exported when we leave......... and will not yet be registered in South Africa......... so how and where do I get a temporary import permit for Kenya & Zambia if it's not to return to the UK....... :helpsmilie:

Stumped here.......... wonder whether the DVLA would allow a delayed de-registration of the bike until I get it to SA...?

anyone with any advice............. :confused1:

catch22 9 Jun 2012 23:28

carnet or not?
hello there,

google "import car to south africa from uk"
and you got plenty of reading...

don't have your solution tonight but was thinking:
if you have SA-citizenship, ask for Import Permit prior to your
travel, as required by SA-customs, and you must be able to
get back carnet-money in UK afterwards, makes sense?

by the way, will be in Nairobi mid-september down to CPT

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