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RoccoMathijn 12 Nov 2012 16:09

Expired Indian visa
He guys,

After much delay I'm now 10 days in my Amsterdam-Singapore trip. I'm doing great and the weather is very nice for November. Currently in Dubrovnik, Croatia. What a paradise! Even had a swim in the adriatic this afternoon!

Now my problem: my visa for India expires somewhere half december. I'm never going to make that. Had some trouble getting my visa for Iran and Pakistan so I couldn't start my trip on the date I planned. Visa for Iran and Pakistan are oke but I have to get a new visa for India as it says it's non-extendable.

Should I get a new one in Turkey or in Islamabad? Won't I get into trouble crossing into Pakistan with an expired Indian visa? It would be nice to apply for it in Islamabad. Then travel up to Gilgit and collect it on my way back.

Looking forward to your ideas.

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