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Jose Mª Garcia 6 Oct 2000 17:14

Do I need travel, medical insurance and Carnet de Passage?
Hi there,

I am planning a trip from Buenos Aires to Alaska and I have two questions:
Where can I get the type of insurance (travel and medical) I need for this trip? Around how much for seven months?.
I´ve heard a lot things about the need of Carnet de Passage for South & Central America? Do I need one or not?

Any comments are wellcome.

Thanks a lot


Grant Johnson 7 Oct 2000 06:16

A Carnet is NOT needed for all of the Americas, from Ushuaia to Alaska. If anyone says different they're wrong.

Insurance is a whole different thing. I would contact your local insurance companies and see what you can find first. It is very variable depending on where you are. We ended up getting our insurance in England, from William Russell, about UK£1100/year for the two of us. BUT that was EXcluding USA and Canada, and to INclude them it would have doubled the premium.

Try contacting Mike Mandell for insurance (on the Links page).

Let us know what you find!

Grant Johnson

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